17 Year Old Gambled 40k Casino Malaysia


AN investigation into claims that a 17-year-old Chinese student gambled away $40,000 at Skycity Adelaide Casino Malaysia has been stalled because authorities have refused to grant under-age witnesses immunity from prosecution, No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon claims.

Mr Xenophon in December raised concerns that a 17-year-old student from China, studying at an Adelaide school, had used a false ID to enter the casino and gamble away $40,000 in a six-month period. The youth’s mother said her son had destroyed the family’s dreams of providing him with the best education they could afford.

Mr Xenophon said other under-age international students were too scared to give evidence to the inquiry for fear of being “thrown out of the country”. “The evidence is there but witnesses won’t come forward without this immunity so it’s a standoff,” he said.

Online Casino Boss Adam Anhang Murdered

Adam Joel Anhang has been murdered in Puerto Rico. Apparently not a robbery. Adam Anhang’s wife survived the knife attack, which happened while he escorted her to her car.

For further details click here >> Further Details Of Anhang Murder

I am more interested in paying tribute to Adam Anhang aka FDHCM, rather than report the grisly details of his murder in detail.

Adam Anhang was a truthful man, who while working as the casino manager at Dr Ho’s online casino, swept into the gambling message boards with some real home truths about the online casino industry.

Adam Anhang had many rogue casino managers diving for cover. Adam Anhang taught me a lot, was always there to help with any questions I had. I am a nobody, Adam was a big player in the casino industry, Adam still had time for me and my questions. Adam is gone.

Glazer Threatens To Sue Man Utd Fans

Man Utd fans in the form of the USA magazine MUFC USA are being threatened with a law suit by the Glazer lawyers, for showing the Man Utd club badge.

I agree with the Man Utd rant blog editor. To not allow club supporters to show the football club badge, on a fans website, is a slap in the face to Man Utd fans.

Glazier at Man Utd – Gamblog Odds >>

♠ Glazer reign to end in triumph – 10/1

♠ Glazer reign to end in tears – 1/10

Copyright issues already prevent supporters of a club to display the clubs fixture list. Not being allowed to show the club badge, to the lengths of threats to sue, is 1 step too far for any club.

Kate Moss Arrest Betting Odds

Bet Maker.com have priced up some betting odds for whether Model Kate Moss will be arrested or not after pictures of her snorting cocaine appeared in the UK press.

Kate Moss To Be Arrested or Not Betting Odds >>

♠ Kate Moss To Be Arrested Odds = 4/5

♠ Kate Moss To Avoid Arrest Odds = 19/20

(Kate Moss arrest betting odds subject to change)

Gamblog Comment >> According to the UK news, Kate Moss will indeed be arrested for the cocaine snorting pictures. The betting odds on offer of 4/5 seem a tad generous.

Apparently Kate was caught sniffing the cocaine with some people related to Kate’s boyfriend Pete Doherty’s band.

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