4 Steps of Basic Skin Treatment – Explained by Botox and Fillers Delray Beach


Skin care is more than just a skill; it is an art,n which ca be learned by any of us. All you need is a professional guidance and proper understanding of the basic skin treatment steps. It is good to start from the basic. If you are looking forward to Botox and Fillers Delray Beach

First step is to determine your skin type.

Remember, there is no magic potions that can make your wrinkles, spots and pimples disappear overnight. But there is a way to make your skin look younger and healthier.

No matter whom you’d go for, dermatologists, cosmetologists and beauty therapists will all tell you the fact that the only way of avoiding problems and delaying the ageing process is taking care of skin regularly. The 4 basic steps are: cleanse, tone, moisturize and nourish your skin everyday. It takes only 7 days before you are amazed to see the results. The skin is tremendously recharged by the self-regeneration when properly cared for.  It is never too late to start.


Whatever texture or type of your skin, it requires thorough cleansing twice a day. If we could have a look at unclean skin through a magnifying glass, we would realize the absolute necessity of a proper cleansing routine. Before it is cleansed, the skin surface is covered by a film of dirt, stale sweat, oil deposits, stale make-up and other pollutants. All these are potent skin irritants. They not only upset the normal balance of the skin, but also hamper its natural functions.

Choose a facial cleanser according to your skin type. Splash your face with water, and apply with a gentle facial cleanser and work it up to lather for about 30 seconds. Take the opportunity to lightly massage your skin, as this will boost the supply of blood to the surface of your skin – which means a rosier complexion. Rinse away with clear water until every soapy trace has been completely removed from your skin. Then towel off the residual water from the surface of your skin.


Toning is a must for all skin types. Toning immediately after cleansing helps to refresh the skin. Here is a tip for toning the skin, keep cotton wool pads soaking in a bowl of toner in the refrigerator, wipe after cleansing the skin, and then pad the skin briskly. It will stimulate the blood circulation to the surface. Gentle stroking movements can also be followed.


Moisturizing is the most important step of the skin care routine. Smooth your skin with moisturizers, either lotions or creams. Dot a small potion onto your face, massage in with your fingertips with gentle upwards-outwards strokes. The protective film on the skin allows applying make-up easily and ensures there is balanced moisture content.


Nourishing can hold moisture better and performs its other functions. Creams with Vitamin A is of utmost importance to the skin helping to relieve dryness and maintain skin elasticity and creams with Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) helps in minimizing cross-linking damage.

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