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Years ago, I was channel surfing when I spotted an infomercial for Bare Minerals. It was a mineral makeup being marketed by Bare Escentuals. The ad featured the benefits of this new product. If you are looking forward to botox and fillers webster tx

I was intrigued by their claims. How could mineral makeup be good for your skin? Does it actually look natural and offer full coverage? Would this makeup outperform traditional makeup products?

I saw the infomercial several more times before I decided to give it a shot. I bought a kit that included two shades of mineral foundation, mineral veil, summer bisque concealer, warmth all-over face color, two makeup brushes, and an instructional video.

Review of My Experience

Learning how to use the mineral makeup was easy enough. Like the infomercial said, you just swirl and buff it on using the makeup brushes. The first thing I wanted to test was how well it would conceal my under eye circles. I used the summer bisque concealer and buffed it over the circles. The result was a cakey, dry appearance. It did not do a good job concealing my dark circles. I much prefer my tried and true method of concealing dark circles. For a tutorial on the best way to conceal dark under eye circles, first click on Eye Makeup Tips on the left navigation bar, and then click on under eye concealer.

Next I tried the foundation, in medium and medium beige. It did a good job of providing a moderate amount of coverage. I then buffed on the warm bronzing powder, rosy cheek color, and then the mineral veil. It looked natural and my skin looked good. Best of all, it didn’t feel like I was wearing any makeup.

I decided to check the coverage in natural lighting. I took a mirror and walked outside to check my face. I noticed that the mineral makeup foundation emphasized dry patches of skin and gathered into crease lines. My face looked shiny as well. It did not even out my skin as well as I thought. Perhaps I just needed to exfoliate and apply adequate moisturizer. I followed this game plan, and continued to use Bare Minerals for months after. It was good enough to use on a daily basis. It did not cause me to break out. My skin condition remained in good condition as usual.

Bare Escentuals Recommended?

As pleased as I was after months of using mineral makeup, I eventually went back to using my regular makeup products. I just needed more coverage for my under eye circles and age spots. Bare Minerals could not provide the level of coverage that I needed. If you already have a relatively even complexion, then mineral makeup will probably work for you. Not everybody reacts the same way to mineral makeup. Some people actually get itchy using these products. You won’t know until you try it.

Bare Minerals vs. Other Mineral Makeup Brands

After the success of Bare Escentuals, there have been competitors who have released their own line of mineral makeup. Could you get a better value from these other brands?

L’oreal Bare Naturale can be found at the drugstore. It costs a fraction of Bare Minerals. A lot of people do not like the packaging, including myself. It is too bulky and makes a mess every time I have used it. The makeup brush is inferior, too. Instead, I opted for my own makeup brush. The mineral makeup was heavy, as compared with the finely milled mineral makeup from Bare Escentuals. It looked fine at the beginning of the day, but became cakey towards the end of the day. It was not as a good as Bare Minerals. It’s an okay alternative for the price. If you don’t like it, you can easily return it to the drugstore for a refund.

Sheer Cover customers have had complaints about their shipping and billing practices. Many people have had problems with being charged multiple times for shipments, even though they ordered just one kit. When they would call to cancel the additional orders, another shipment was sent out and they were billed once again. It has been difficult for one of my girlfriends to get her money back. She did not like the makeup either. It looked blotchy and uneven on her skin. Her face looked mask-like. It does not even compare to Bare Minerals. I would skip this brand altogether.

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