Finding Success at the Online AGEN138 Of all the games typically found at online or brick-and-mortar casinos, few have a reputation quite like the slots. Though there is an obvious strategy involved with most table games and card games, most people chalk success at the slots up to blind luck. Fortunately for fans of online slots, that is not the whole story, as there are a number of strategies that can help you hit it big at gaming destinations like Titan Casino. Of course, given the nature of the game, strategies for live and online slots are a bit more nuanced than their contemporaries. So keep the following in mind:

There is No (Legal) Way to Affect the Outcome of a Slots Spin

The primary mechanism behind a slot machine, whether it be online or live, is a device called a random number generator (RNG). As its name implies, the RNG generates a randomized sequence of numbers with each spin. Those numbers correlate with certain points and images on the slot’s reels, determining whether your spin is a winner or not. These sequences are in constant flux to ensure that no spin is the same as the previous one. Since the number is generated as soon as your spin is made, there is no method for altering the outcome of each spin.

Universal Truths

Although their outcomes are entirely dependent on one’s luck, there are a few simple strategies for playing the slots that will allow you to maximize your play time, and eventually, your winnings. Setting and sticking to loss limits (i.e., the amount of money you’re willing to lose in a single session) will allow you to better budget their bankroll. Similarly, keep track of the number of naked pulls (i.e., non-winning spins) you encounter consecutively. If the number exceeds 10, you may have found a “cold machine” and should likely try a different one.

Progressive Slots

One of the most common strategies for progressive slots is to make the maximum bet every time you play. This strategy isn’t exactly cheap, but it is the only way to guarantee that you can take advantage of a maximum jackpot whenever you may win it. As such, you’ll want to consider the size of your bankroll and choose a game that will allow you to bet big continually. That said, you should also be prepared for the flip side, namely, that you could lose much more frequently than you win.

Three-Coin and Five-Coin Slots

Betting the maximum on regular online slots is often suggested, but is not as essential as with progressive games. This strategy will still yield a better return on your investment, but the rewards are not as dramatic as the payouts that come from progressive jackpots. Regardless, it’s still wiser to bet the maximum amount on a lower denomination machine than minimums on a higher denomination machine.

Wild Kingdom

Of the numerous betting strategies widely employed by fans of live and online slots, several draw their names from the animal kingdom. One of the most common is (unflatteringly) known as the “chicken” strategy, which suggests that players call it quits after a big win. This strategy does indeed allow you to leave with money, but can make for a relatively unsatisfying trip to the online casino. More enjoyable is the “squirrel” strategy, which tasks gamers with putting aside a portion of their winnings as they play to ensure that they leave with something to show for their troubles once they’ve had their fill.

Online Advantage

Though there’s certainly something to be said for the experience that comes from hitting the slots at a live casino, there are definitely a few advantages to playing slots at online casinos. First and most notable among these benefits is the casino bonus. Many online gaming destinations like Titan Casino offer special bonuses for signing up, making deposits, or as loyalty rewards. For instance, a Titan Casino bonus code could allow you to sample new games or hit it big at no extra personal cost – two big advantages over live casino play.

There is also a notable psychological advantage to playing online slots rather than heading to a brick-and-mortar casino. Gaming from the comfort of your own home means you are free to create an environment that fits your mood. There are no loud noises, no offensive tourists, and no wait for the more popular machines. Use this to your advantage by allowing yourself time to focus on what is and isn’t working with your style of play, track the effect your wins and losses are having on your bankroll, and maybe splash your money around a bit and play more than one game at a time.

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