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Diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic condition wherein the body is unable to produce the proper amounts of insulin to process the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. This condition is brought about by a high calorie and high sugar diet without any activity to burn off the excess fat. If you are really health caution and looking for better consulting on “Best fillers near me NYC“, please visit “” today.

When an individual has Type 2 diabetes, there are many health issues that arise. These include increased blood glucose leading to the inability to bring oxygen to cells because of the thickened blood. Also, the lack of insulin would limit the ability of cells to process blood sugar, thus having no fuel for cellular processes leading to cellular degeneration that can result in organ malfunction or even failure.

The best step though to prevent this is to go get a blood test. Even before doing so, there are many physical indications to see if one is suffering from diabetes. The following are some of the signs that can lead you to the preliminary conclusion that you may be suffering from diabetes.

Thirst. The normal water intake for an individual is eight full glasses of water per day. When an individual still takes in the right amount but still feels thirsty throughout the day, this might be some indication that one has diabetes.

Urine. One of the signs of diabetes is frequent urination. Also, another sign is the bright yellowish color of the urine of an individual suffering from diabetes. Observe the frequency of urination and the color, as these are signs that the body is trying to expel excess blood glucose instead of synthesizing the glucose for bodily processes.

Weight. Because of the inability of the body to process ingested blood sugar for its use, the body turns to its reserve fats for fuel and energy. This results in sudden and rapid weight loss for the individual because of the body’s inability to produce the proper amounts of insulin. If one suddenly loses a lot of weight without dieting, then this may be a sign of diabetes wreaking havoc on the body.

Injury. Do observe when one gets a wound or cut. If the wound heals slowly and infection sets in, then this may be a sign of diabetes. Because of the lack of blood glucose processing due to low insulin levels, the cells are unable to regenerate and recuperate. In the long run, wounds can spread infection across the body leading to more complications.

By observing your body, you can find out if something’s wrong. This can be seen through normal processes, such as increased thirst, yellowing urine, sudden weight loss and slow healing injuries. These are signs that the body is unable to recuperate and regenerate because of the lack of insulin to assist in metabolizing blood sugar. Once any two of these signs come about, it is best to get yourself checked by your doctor for diabetes.

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