In Slightly Gorier Detail에볼루션카지노


Blair Rodman is the guy who busted me. I wish him the best. We were both sitting on about T15K at that point. He had me covered by only a few hundred. Blinds 100/200/25. I completed and he raised to T800. Hey, action! He’s got position on me so I want to build the pot. Also, I figure I’ve got the best hand right now. I reraise to T2500. He seems startled by this, but after a minute moves all-in. For T12500 more. I know he doesn’t have aces. Not 100% but the play doesn’t make that much sense with aces. 에볼루션카지had sent me a few messages with data on the guy, including a few passages from Rodman’s book in which he recommends using the all-in play with abandon. If he puts me on a pair like tens or jacks he could move there with a hand as weak as AT, QQ, JJ … I know he doesn’t have the aces. If he doesn’t have the aces I’m at least 70-30 to win, more if he’s got a pocket pair lower than mine. I think he has either AK or QQ. I remember TJ Cloutier’s admonition against going broke with less than aces preflop on the first day of a tournament, but decide it can’t possibly apply here. I know I have the best hand. If I’m not going to take a chance like this I shouldn’t be in the tourney to begin with. You know the rest. Turns out he has one ace. Then the flop comes and all of a sudden he has three. I am slightly irritated by D. Negreanu at this point because Negreanu starts repeating, “Drawing dead, drawing dead,” over and over for no particular reason that I can make out. Irritated because, first, it’s obvious to everyone that I have just taken a particularly brutal overkill beat – one ace would have been plenty, thanks – and though my eyes and brain may be a little wobbly at the moment it’s because I know I just got badly outflopped. And second, because he’s wrong. Even with the staggering, crushing blow the dealer’s just given me, I can see that I am, in fact, not drawing dead – the AAT flop gives me a runner-runner gutshot draw to chop. Turn is a J. “Drawing dead.” I nearly give him the stare of death but decide I need all the karma I can get at the moment. A queen on the river would be nice. It would be just. I’d take it and thank my luck, never mind that cursed flop. But the river is a ten, he has a boat, I have kings and tens, and we’re so close in chips I have to lean over and count my chips down to the last to make sure I’m actually covered. Which I am. Rodman was a gentleman about it. He said sorry and that he didn’t have me on such a strong hand. Of course, if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have anything to be sorry about because I would have just folded. I didn’t stick around to watch him stack my chips. I hope he puts them to good use. I would recommend, in all sincerity, that he use them to play AK very fast, because it’s hard to argue with that kind of success. A hell of a lot harder from the rail.


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