Jennifer Aniston isn’t pregnant again


The information that the actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant appeared in the media again. The star is supposedly already in the third month of pregnancy. To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK

On this occasion, the actress said that she is just killed when friends show her pictures of the covers of newspapers and magazines, which tell such news. Jen repeated and encouraged her fans not allowed to make them fools. Aniston said that she understood that is getting older, she soon will be fifty, and the mass can not settle down and continues to attribute her a false pregnancy.

Benedict Cumberbatch read the letters from the war

The famous British actor Benedict Cumberbatch recently took part in an unusual project called “Letters Live”. Actor read the excerpts from the book of letters “My dear Bessie.” Chris Barker and Bessie Moore wrote these letters to each other during the Second World War.

The love story of these two people was published as a book earlier this year. Chris Barker in September, 1943 served as a signalman in North Africa, and the man brightened long and terrible days of the war with letters, which he began writing to Bessie Moore, his former colleague. Suddenly, the girl very warmly answered the guy and it forever changed the life of Chris.

Curiously, Louise Brealey, who is known to the world for her role as a pathologist Molly Hooper from the TV series “Sherlock”, reads the letters on behalf of Besi.

The project “Letters Live” was launched in December, 2013. Here well-known actors read letters from people that have been written years ago. In public actors perform live at various venues. Gillian Anderson, Stephen Fry, Neil Gaiman, Kerry Fox, Nick Cave, James Rhodes and Peter Serafinowicz participated in “Letters Live”.

Karl Lagerfeld has refused to appear in “Zoolander 2″

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of “Chanel”, probably does not like the the fact that cinema is mixed with high fashion. It is impossible to explain criticism Lagerfeld to the show of “Valentino” at the Paris Fashion Week with any different reason. Show of “Valentino” was closed by actors Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. They were in the images of their heroes from the “Zoolander”. By the way, Lagerfeld just declared that he refused to appear in “Zoolander 2″.

In a recent interview Karl Lagerfeld said that the diractors wanted him to be filmed, but he refused because he was not an actor. Charles became almost the only person who did not like Derek Zoolander and his rival Hansel on the podium. Famous models Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss have already confirmed their participation in the sequel about the man model number one. It is not yet known who will play designers in the film.

De Niro will play the founder of motor companies “Ferrari”

The famous actor Robert De Niro will star in a movie, where he plays the founder of the company and racing team Ferrari Enzo.

De Niro plays the Italians not the first time, which he brilliantly succeed. The painting will be called “Ferrari”.

The actor said that it was a great honor to bring a great man who made a revolution in the auto world to the screen.

Robert De Niro has performed a variety of roles, for some he was awarded the “Oscar”.

Note that Enzo Ferrari was the designer, entrepreneur and racing driver.

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