Pacific new usa online casinos 2022 real money Blows, Redux


For anyone who hasn’t read just about any other new usa online casinos 2022 real money blog out there, the MMPBT did NOT go off tonight as it was supposed to. Supposedly, Pacific had “technical difficulties” putting together a 75-person tournament that was first organized three weeks ago, finalized on Thursday, and confirmed — by them — this morning.

“Oh, the humanity.”

Out of the 75 people signed up, how many opened an account on Pacific because of this tournament? I’d guess 40-50. How many will now be closing that account because of the lack of this tournament?

Bad tournament structure, bad interface, buggy software, and bad customer support. What exactly is supposed to make me want to play at their site?

Word through the grapevine is that a certain East Side poker room (recently reviewed in this space) was shut down by the NYPD on Friday. That is decidedly not good.

Cold streak on the SnGs approaching. I’m now 3 for 11 this week (tho at least the 3 were all firsts). Today’s results were pretty emblematic of what’s been going on: get in with the best hand and lose. KK (me) v. AJs all-in preflop, AJ goes runner-runner for a straight and cripples me; 66 (me) v. 22 all-in preflop, 22 flops a set and I’m gone; KK (me) v. AQs all-in preflop, AQ goes runner-runner for a flush and I’m gone.

On the bright side, because the 3 money finishes were all firsts, I’m still up for the week, but it’s so depressing to consistently get in with a big favorite and lose.

Pacific Poker Blows

I played a $20 tournament on Pacific today in anticipation of the MMPBT on Sunday. I wanted to familiarize myself with the interface and also the tournament structure. Let me just say, they both blow big, bloody chunks.

The tournament structure is SO fast-paced that forty minutes into it, I had less than 7 BBs remaining, despite having increased my initial stack 20%. At that point, almost two-thirds of the field had already been eliminated because of a punishing blind structure that increases every ten(!) minutes. With an initial stack of 800, blinds were






I didn’t make it further. I pushed with a small top pair out of desperation, and got called by an overpair. But if all of that’s not bad enough, the tables were played 8-handed so the blinds come around that much faster.

The interface is no better than the tourney structure. I don’t know where to begin with this one, but let’s see. As far as I can tell: you can’t set your own password; settings like “sound off” are not saved from one session to the next; there is an extreme lack of customizable settings; all-ins are not necessarily shown down; face cards are all black (even the red suits), making it more difficult than necessary to distinguish suits; the chat area is actually a separate window, making it more annoying than necessary; I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

There’s no question that once the MMPBT is over with, I’m taking my money out of Pacific.

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