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At one time doctors were very concerned about excessive weight gain and would even prescribe gentle dieting. In you are interested in learning about “Medical spas near me san diego“, visit this website– today.

There is no place for any kind of dieting in pregnancy because food restriction nearly always results in the exclusion of essential nutrients. However, no-one would advocate too great a gain in weight and the old adage “eating for two” is certainly inappropriate.

Most authorities would advise eating to satisfaction and no more. All else being equal, most weight gain takes place in the middle trimester. Little weight increase is experienced in the first. About 0.5kg-lkg (l—2lb) is gained weekly from months 4 to 8, and less in the ninth month so that, on average at least, a total of 11.5kg (26-28lb) is gained. This extra weight is split roughly into 2.75-3.5kg (6-8lb) for the baby and 6.5-9kg (14-20lb) for the baby’s support system (you). This weight includes the placenta, amniotic fluid, increased breast tissue, the body fat you accumulate for your milk, the enlarged uterus and extra blood volume.


Exercising regularly can be emotionally as well as physically satisfying. Its an enjoyable way of preparing for the months of change and hard work ahead.

You will receive an emotional lift from the release of internal hormones such as endorphins,

You will feel more contented as the release of tranquillizing hormones that follows exercise aids relaxation,

You can improve your self-awareness as you learn how to use your body in new ways.

Backache, leg crump, constipation and breathlessness can be alleviated by regular exercise.

Your energy level will be increased.

You will be better prepared for the work of labour.

You will regain your shape more quickly after delivery.

You can make new friends by meeting other mums at antenatal exercise classes.

You can share the exercise routine with your partner or other members of your family.


We now know that certain common foods carry potentially harmful infective agents that can be dangerous to vulnerable groups such as infants, pregnant women and the elderly. The chances of your being infected in pregnancy are low but it is I best to observe some safeguards.

Listeria. This is a rare bacterium found in products containing unpasteurized milk, liver, and in undercooked meat and pre-cooked meals. Avoid these products as infection during pregnancy may result in miscarriage or stillbirth.

Toxoplasmosis. This is caused by a parasite found in cat and dog faeces, and also in raw meat. It can cause birth defects. Always wash your hands after handling a pet.

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