Resist the large pores

It is obvious to all, all the relaxation of aging skin is the largest common denominator of those large pores, the two are interrelated. Lax skin aging, caused by large pores, as age increased, the blood circulation gradually not smooth, the subcutaneous fat layer of skin and thus easier to relax, lack of flexibility and if they are not given proper maintenance and care, easy to accelerated aging, the pores expand more naturally. Therefore, to achieve the purpose of compact skin, shrink pores is the most important!

Regular deep cleaning: regular deep cleansing and exfoliation is important, not only will enable the skin to remove surface skin aging, skin back to clean, normal metabolism mechanism, deep cleaning can also control the secretion of sebum, the elimination of dirt hidden deep so that the pores will not be too much possession and big pollution. To learn more about your interest on “cool springs plastic surgery reviews“, check here

Cold-water wash: wash your face is more hot water temperature to wash more clean? Of course not, the best water temperature proposal is the high temperature than the hands and once the temperature, because the water temperature is too high may be taken away skin moisture, and low temperature Hyperstimulation skin afraid to face this particular case, but the water temperature must not ignore the elements of pieces of it! daily use of water wash in cold water tap and then finished facial skin, open pores can be contracted.

Flap convergence type Toner: After finished the face, we must take on the face can inhibit secretion of sebum, pores convergence makeup water, by beating bottom-up, will continue for some time after the pores detailed look, but also inhibit sebum secretion pores contraction effect.

Stay away from cigarettes: smoking is also one of the reasons for large pores, when you enjoy puff feeling, the smug, cigarettes makes you vasoconstriction, blood circulation slowed down, and nutrients can not successfully reach the skin cells, so the dry , aging is an early report natural facial lines sag, stretch pores. Therefore, the best from now on you to stay away from cigarettes.

Reasonable diet: strong tea, coffee and food will be too greasy to varying degrees, to stimulate your skin, while the pores are large in many cases because they stimulated the formation. Therefore, to develop good eating habits is to prevent skin relaxation, the fundamental guarantee for large pores.

Against the skin relaxation

Collagen added: collagen and elastin and mucopolysaccharide is to improve the skin to relax the key, therefore, to promote the use of synthetic skin natural collagen, elastin and mucopolysaccharide of skin care products for skin can be re – fresh vitality.

Sooner or later applied containing antioxidants skin care products: At present, widely used in skin care products divided into the antioxidant, such as vitamin C, E, B-carotene, as well as extracts from green tea, rosemary and rice bran and other natural ingredients, as well as being eye-catching grape polyphenols, its antioxidant effects are very good, delay the aging of the skin relaxation.

Eye Mask use every day: the eye is most likely to produce the entire face and the wrinkles to relax the site, therefore, contain special nutrition nourishing ingredients or Eye Mask Eye Cream is a night should be an essential eye care products.

Daily-use sunscreen: whether or not it is extremely hot in summer, SPF value of 15 sunscreen for your skin will form a complete network protection from UV and dust pollution, to avoid skin aging in advance to enter the relaxation state.


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