SosickPL Wins PokerStars WCOOP Event #32


1,714 grinders bought in for the $320 WCOOP Event #32, creating a $514,200 prize pool. First place was to take down a life-changing prize of $83,557.50, a prize decided after two days of play. Day One narrowed down the playing field to the final ten. Insanocut earned the dubious title of Final Table Bubble Boy. Playing four-handed, insanocut shoved all-in with 88, only to be insta-called by olegus_71 holding pocket rockets. Olegus_71′s aces held up, sending him to the final table with a second place chip stack:

Seat 1: sosickPL (1,463,362 in chips)

Seat 2: rocks50 (923,047 in chips)

Seat 3: wex_69 (1,250,424 in chips)

Seat 4: murballz66 (450,652 in chips)

Seat 5: olegus_71 (1,992,219 in chips)

Seat 6: jusc (2,490,296 in chips)

The final table had barely started, when on the seventh hand, jusc made a gutsy move, with very unfortunate timing. Jusc min-raised to 30,000, only to run into a three-bet by SosickPL. Players folded back around to jusc, who four-bet to 270,000. SosickPL made his intentions clear with a raise to 398,675…when jusc put in a six-bet! Jusc shoved chips in to make it 1,066,652 and was snap called by SosickPL. SosickPL held suited ace king, bitcoin blackjack  and jusc held…3-4 of clubs? Yes, you read that right. Jusc thought he could take it down with just “one more bet,” but was sorely mistaken. Jusc unsurprisingly lost the hand, and was left with 957,000. Moments later, however, jusc doubled up when his full house aces full of nines dominated olegus_71′s trip nines. 1.95 million in chips, and jusc ultimately ground that out to a fourth place finish, ahead of rocks50 and wex_69.

SosickPL, olegus_71, and murballz66, the final three, battled out their chip stacks for multiple levels. The result? SosickPL continued to extend his chip lead, leaving olegus_71 and murballz66 practically begging in the chat bar for SosickPL to take a look at the chop numbers. With a monster chip lead, SosickPL wasn’t listening to it, and play continued. Murballz66 met his third place demise soon thereafter, when he moved all-in with king-seven, only to be called by SosickPL’s ace-king. SosickPL hit his ace on the flop, and murballz66 collected his third place winnings on his way to the rail.

With a 4-1 chip advantage, SosickPL now turned to heads up play against olegus_71. A couple of coin-flips later, and the two sat at even stacks, prompting a pause of the tournament and a deal negotiation. Although they were at even chip stacks, SosickPL was able to negotiate a sweet deal for himself in the chat box:

sosickPL: you now that im better player

sosickPL: so 71, 68, 7 for win

sosickPL: or no deal

sosickPL: agree or playin?

olegus_71: ok ))

With the deal made, the two resumed heads up. SosickPL took only twenty minutes to grind whittle away the stack of olegus_71, and claimed his first place prize in the WCOOP Event #32 when his king-ten with top pair, dominated olegus_71′s five-nine with middle pair.

The final table results:

  1. sosickPL (Poland) $78,000.00*
  2. olegus_71 (Russia) $68,032.80*
  3. murballz66 (Canada) $46,278.00
  4. jusc (Lithuania) $30,852.00
  5. wex_69 (Canada) $20,568.00
  6. rocks50 (Russia) $12,855.00

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