SosickPL Wins PokerStars WCOOP Event #32

  1,714 grinders bought in for the $320 WCOOP Event #32, creating a $514,200 prize pool. First place was to take down a life-changing prize of $83,557.50, a prize decided after two days of play. Day One narrowed down the playing field to the final ten. Insanocut earned the dubious title of Final Table Bubble Boy. Playing four-handed, insanocut shoved all-in with 88, only to be insta-called by olegus_71 holding pocket rockets. Olegus_71′s aces held up, sending him to the final table with a second place chip stack: Seat 1: sosickPL (1,463,362 in chips) Seat 2: rocks50 (923,047 in chips) Seat 3: wex_69 (1,250,424 in chips) Seat 4: murballz66 (450,652 in chips) Seat 5: olegus_71 (1,992,219 in chips) Seat 6: jusc (2,490,296 in chips) The final table had barely started, when on the seventh hand, jusc made a gutsy move, with very unfortunate timing. Jusc min-raised to 30,000, only to… SosickPL Wins PokerStars WCOOP Event #32Read more