17 Year Old Gambled 40k Casino Malaysia

  AN investigation into claims that a 17-year-old Chinese student gambled away $40,000 at Skycity Adelaide Casino Malaysia has been stalled because authorities have refused to grant under-age witnesses immunity from prosecution, No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon claims. Mr Xenophon in December raised concerns that a 17-year-old student from China, studying at an Adelaide school, had used a false ID to enter the casino and gamble away $40,000 in a six-month period. The youth’s mother said her son had destroyed the family’s dreams of providing him with the best education they could afford. Mr Xenophon said other under-age international students were too scared to give evidence to the inquiry for fear of being “thrown out of the country”. “The evidence is there but witnesses won’t come forward without this immunity so it’s a standoff,” he said. Online Casino Boss Adam Anhang Murdered Adam Joel Anhang has been murdered in Puerto… 17 Year Old Gambled 40k Casino MalaysiaRead more