Vegas: Ramping up slowly sanghoki

  “I equate gambling with being an asshole. If you don’t have a life, go to Las Vegas, you dick.” –Henry Rollins I should take offense to that. Instead, I laugh every time I hear it. I received a dubious reprieve this year. Questions were hashed and rehashed, decisions were made and remade, and when it all came out of the oven, I was “granted” a four-week leave from covering the World Series of sanghoki . This life change caused no small amount of consternation for this humble writer. More than half of my pscyhe was comforted by the change. It meant four more weekends to take my family on weekend day trips. It meant I got to watch my boy really swim for the first time. It meant I got to enjoy all of those comforts of home, carnal and otherwise, that I just don’t get in Las Vegas.… Vegas: Ramping up slowly sanghokiRead more