The PPT $500K Freeroll – Bay 101

The PPT $500K Freeroll – Bay 101, San Jose Apart from chasing a first prize of $225K, my aim in this event was to try and obtain some TV exposure for Poker Plex. Apart from making the final nine, there was also the possibility of making the featured table. Having failed to do this at the Commerce – I was determined to hang on as long as possible. First disappointment of the day, with five tables starting day two, I missed out on the featured table. I jokingly asked the production crew what it takes to get on the featured table -they just to told me to keep hanging on. Down to four tables. I miss out again. Down to three tables, I miss out again. Finally, down to two tables and I get my wish – Poker Plex could at last get some real exposure. Just before this, with… The PPT $500K Freeroll – Bay 101Read more