Jennifer Aniston isn’t pregnant again

  The information that the actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant appeared in the media again. The star is supposedly already in the third month of pregnancy. To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK On this occasion, the actress said that she is just killed when friends show her pictures of the covers of newspapers and magazines, which tell such news. Jen repeated and encouraged her fans not allowed to make them fools. Aniston said that she understood that is getting older, she soon will be fifty, and the mass can not settle down and continues to attribute her a false pregnancy. Benedict Cumberbatch read the letters from the war The famous British actor Benedict Cumberbatch recently took part in an unusual project called “Letters Live”. Actor read the excerpts from the book of letters “My dear Bessie.” Chris Barker and Bessie Moore wrote these letters to… Jennifer Aniston isn’t pregnant againRead more