X-Front Wins result hk WCOOP Event 60



The final events of the PokerStars 2011 World Championship of Online Poker launched on Sunday, all of them two day events. This meant that any player hoping to earn one of these massive scores would have to put in quite a bit of time to do so.

A $215 No Limit Hold’em Event will typically attract players in droves, and result hk Event 60 was no different. A grand total of 9,664 players paid the $215 entry fee, which caused the prize pool to demolish the original guarantee of $1,250,000 by a whopping $682,800. A total prize pool of $1,932,800 meant that players would be vying for a first place prize of $284,319.29.


The final table was a bit short on star power which can happen in smaller buy-ins with large fields. Perhaps the most notable player in the final 50 was Matt “All_in_at420″ Stout who finished 38th for $3,575.68. The deepest running PokerStars Pro was Victor Ramdin who finished in 56th for $2,995.84.


Here were the final table chips and seats:


Seat 1 – X-Front – 9,164,935

Seat 2 – The_Stat – 6,842,252

Seat 3 – DeRp0kErGuRu – 10,040,976

Seat 4 – yarik1903 – 15,974,839

Seat 5 – Veg 101 – 8,570,524

Seat 6 – Zanjong – 18,250,976

Seat 7 – tormos – 4,021,132

Seat 8 – Flyboys007 – 2,329,454

Seat 9 – 1WHALEN1 – 21,444,912


Flyboys007′s short stack didn’t last too long as he got the last of his chips in with KK against Veg 101′s A4 suited. Veg 101 flopped two pair and didn’t look back, sending Flyboy007 out in 9th place.



American Matt Stout went deep but couldn’t make the final table


As the final table wore on, DeRp0kErGuRu lost a considerable amount of traction and was forced into a coinflip situation with AK suited against Veg 101′s 88. The best hand held up and Veg 101 was responsible for his 2nd knockout in a row as DeRp0kErGuRu finished in 8th.


As play became six-handed, however, Veg 101 saw his chips dwindle. When he eventually reraised all-in with A2 offsuit, X-Front called with KQ suited. Veg 101 was praying for his narrow edge to hold up, but his hopes were dashed when the turn brought a Queen to end his day in 6th place.


1WHALEN1 was the next final table departure as he shoved 24bb over tormos’s raise from the small blind. tormos made the easy call with QQ and was far ahead of 1WHALEN1′s move gone wrong with 52 offsuit. No miracles came and 1WHALEN1 left in 5th. tormos continued to collect the chips as he picked up another big pair in TT against The_Stat’s A8 offsuit. Tormos turned a set which left The_Stat drawing dead and out in 4th place.


Despite coming into the final table with one of the biggest stacks, Yarik1903 would not leave the eventual winner. He got it all-in preflop with TT against tormos’s A9 offsuit, but his hand could not hold. tormos continued his heater and pulled out an ace on the river (Greenstein-style) to dispatch Yarik1903 in 3rd place.


tormos and X-Front were close in chips when heads-up play began, but X-Front began to pull away around an hour into the match. He then finally got the victory, but it came in the form of the ultimate cooler: he got dealt AA versus tormos’s KK. tormos couldn’t find a 2-outer, and he settled for the runner-up prize.


Congratulations to X-Front for winning one of the most prestigious events of WCOOP 2012! He won a fancy WCOOP bracelet along with a fabulous first place prize of $284,319.29. Please see below for the rest of the final table payouts.


1 – X-Front – $284,319.29

2 – tormos – $207,776.00

3 – yarik1903 – $144,960.00

4 – The_Stat – $96,640.00

5 – 1WHALEN1 – $77,312.00

6 – Veg 101 – $57,984.00

7 – Zanjong – $38,656.00

8 – DeRp0kErGuRu – $21,260.80

9 – Flyboys007 – $14,979.20



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